Journal Assignments

Art I (9120):

Weekly Journal Assignments

45 Points Each

 What to do: Journal assignments will be discussed every Friday, and are expected to be handed in the following Thursday. Read each assignment thoroughly, and then create an artwork that follows the directions. Do not play it safe all of the time, these journal assignments are designed to pump up your artistic juices and try something you have never tried before. Have fun.

Each journal assignment page should have the following on the back:

                                    -The date you completed it

                                    -The journal assignment number

        -Any other information that the assignment requires (from the                                                           description)

-Elements of Art are what we use to make art–Use these definitions in your entries-

Value – The art element that describes the darkness or lightness of an object.

 Color –An element of art that is derived from reflected light.  The sensation of color is

Aroused in the brain by a response of the eyes to different wavelengths of light.

Color has three properties: hue, value and intensity.

 Shape – A two dimensional area that is defined in some way.  While a form has depth, a

Shape only has height and width.  Shapes are either geometric or free form.

 Form – Objects having three-dimensions.  Like a shape, a form has height and width but it

Also has depth.  Forms are either geometric or free form.

 Space – The element of art that refers to the emptiness or area between, around, above,

Below or within objects.  Shapes and forms are defined by space around and within

 Line – A mark drawn with an art tool.  Although lines can vary in appearance (they can

Have different lengths, widths, textures, directions, and degree of curve) they are

Considered one-dimensional and are measured by length.  The artist uses a line

to control the viewer’s eye movement.  There are five kinds of lines:  vertical,

Horizontal, diagonal, curved and zigzag.

 Texture – Element of art that refers to how things feel or look as if they might feel is

Touched.  Texture is perceived by touch and sight.  Objects can have rough or

Smooth textures and matte or shiny surfaces.

Journal Assignment 1: Create an artwork in any medium inspired by the question, “Who am I?” Fill the page. Due: 1/30


Journal Assignment 2: Create an artwork in any medium that represents your fears. Fill the page. Due: 2/6


Journal Assignment 3: Pick a quote, display it on your journal page, and use color, line, and shape to fill the rest of page. Due: 2/13


Journal Assignment 4: Create a drawing that is inspired by the phrase, “The universe is as big as the space between your ears.” Use any medium and fill the space with color, shape, and lines. Due: 2/20


Journal Assignment 5: Fill your art journal page with all the things your inner critic says such as, “You’re not good enough. You’ll never be anybody special.” Then find a way to creatively cover the quotes so they are barely visible. Due: 2/27

Journal Assignment 6: Make an artwork inspired by, “The empty space.” Use any medium and fill the page. Due: 3/6


Journal Assignment 7: Find a texture (tree, fabric, skin, food, etc.) and describe the texture in 3 sentences. Use descriptive words! Then, draw the texture on the same page and label what it is. Due: 3/13


Journal Assignment 8: Without using an eraser AT ALL, draw a landscape or scene from everyday life based on the phrase, “Near vs. Far.” Fill the page and label where you were and the date. Due: 3/27


Journal Assignment 9: Play any song. Using pen or sharpie, draw the song using decorative lines (Hint: A Mozart song will have different lines from a Bob Marley Song. Fill the page. Label what song/artist you played in the bottom right corner of page. Due: 4/10


Journal Assignment 10: Make an artwork inspired by the phrase, “Out in the open.” Fill the page and utilize any medium using line, space, and form. Due: 4/17


Journal Assignment 11: Pick three colors. Draw an animal using a pen, and then use only those three colors to fill it in. Due: 4/24

Journal Assignment 12: Make an artwork inspired by the phrase, “Alive with color.” Use any medium and fill the page. Due: 5/1


Journal Assignment 13: Think about something in your everyday life that you take for granted, and devote this art journal page to it using line, shape, color, and texture. Due: 5/8


Journal Assignment 14: Make an artwork inspired by the phrase, “Window of opportunity.” Use any medium and fill the page. Due: 5/15


Journal Assignment 15: Make an artwork inspired by “Filled vs. Empty.” Use any medium and fill the page. Due: 5/22


Journal Assignment 16: Create a collage in your journal using found paper scraps. Arrange and glue the pieces in an aesthetically pleasing way. Add one final touch to the journal page (like a quote, a doodle, a drawing of your surroundings, etc.). Due: 5/29


Journal Assignment 17: Cover the page in any type of paper (scrap papers, old papers, fancy papers, etc.). Now, reflect on how much you have grown in this art room over the semester. Explain one major “takeaway” that you will keep forever in your artistic warehouse of knowledge. Due: 6/5


Each student is allowed to “skip” ONE journal assignment only. Please proceed with caution though; I advise you to chose wisely (Hint: think about skipping a journal assignment when your work load is very heavy AKA the end of the semester)



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