Journal Assignments

Art I (9120):

Weekly Journal Assignments

20 Points Each

 What to do: Journal assignments will be discussed every Friday, and are expected to be handed in the following Thursday. Read each assignment thoroughly, and then create an artwork that follows the directions. Do not play it safe all of the time, these journal assignments are designed to pump up your artistic juices and try something you have never tried before. Have fun.

          Each journal assignment page should have the following in the bottom right corner

                            -The journal assignment number

Journal Assignment 1: Dedicate your first journal page using colored pencil that answers the question, “Who am I?” Fill the page.     Due: 1/31



Journal Assignment 2: Dedicate a journal page to your hopes and dreams. Use markers. Fill the page. Due: 2/7



Journal Assignment 3: Dedicate a journal page to the word “support.” Due: 2/14



Journal Assignment 4: Research the artists Jasper Johns, Banksy, and Andy Warhol. Choose two of the three artists and re-create one of their artworks in your journal. Due: 2/21



Journal Assignment 5: Make your own paint (dirt+water, or egg yolk+some-spice-in-your-mom’s-pantry, or food coloring+olive oil, ANYTHING!). Paint a picture of anything. Due: 2/28



Journal Assignment 6: Dedicate a journal page to your dream tree house. Use any art material. Due: 3/7



Journal Assignment 7: Find a texture (tree, fabric, skin, plastic, etc.) and describe the texture in 3 sentences. Use descriptive words! Then, draw the texture on the same page and label what it is. Due: 3/14



Journal Assignment 8: Create a journal page for “signs of springtime.” Due: 3/21



Journal Assignment 9: Illustrate your favorite song by drawing the “feeling” of the song. It can be abstract or a literal drawing of what the song is about. Due: 3/28



Journal Assignment 10: Create a personal logo for yourself. Use any art materials. Due: 4/11


Journal Assignment 11: Drip a colored liquid onto a page in your sketchbook (ink, watercolor, coffee, tea, juice, etc.). Allow the liquid to spread across the surface, blow on the liquid to create a blot, blob, smear, etc. Once dry, use pens, sharpies, colored pencils AND/OR markers to create something from the blot (a creature, an environment, a pattern, etc.). Fill the page and label what liquid you utilized. Due: 4/18



Journal Assignment 12: Fill your journal page with all types of lines. Use only one art material. Due: 4/25



Journal Assignment 13: Make an artwork in your sketchbook that is inspired by “Trash.” Use ANY medium (maybe even trash itself) and fill the page. Due: 5/2



Journal Assignment 14: Make an artwork inspired by the phrase, “Window of opportunity.” Use any medium and fill the page. Due: 5/9


Journal Assignment 15: Pick a color scheme (ex: red, red orange, white, light blue). Use colored paper within that color scheme to make a collage on a journal page.  Due: 5/16


Journal Assignment 16: Set up your own miniature still life. Draw the still life using one art material. Due: 5/23


Journal Assignment 17: Cover the page in any type of paper. Now, reflect on how much you have learned in this art room over the semester. Explain one major “takeaway” that you will keep forever in your artistic warehouse of knowledge. Due: 5/30

 Each student is allowed to “skip” ONE journal assignment only. YOU MUST TELL ME WHEN YOU ARE SKIPPING, OR IT WILL APPEAR AS A “0” IN THE GRADEBOOK.

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